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The Paws on the Moors teaching resources are aimed at Key Stage Two, Years Five and Six. However, there is scope for teachers to adapt resources to other year groups or for differing abilities within one year group. Teachers may choose to use them to cover the citizenship area of the National Curriculum although most also link to literacy objectives. All of the resources are based on the ‘Paws on the Moors’ animation and, therefore, require resources to show this to the class by either playing it directly from the website onto e.g. an interactive whiteboard or requesting a copy of the DVD.

The teaching resources were kindly trialled by Castleton C of E and Chapel-en-le-Frith Primary Schools.

Assembly Ideas

Assembly One

This assembly involves using the ‘Discussion prompts for the animation’ to encourage thought and discussion from pupils.

Resource - Discussion prompts for animation

Assembly Two

In this assembly three children are placed in the role of three different moorland users. They are encouraged to think about how they may be affected by others using the moorland. After watching the animation further discussion will enable the pupils to develop their thoughts about moorland users and how their activities may conflict with one another.

Resource - Moorland Photograph

Assembly Three

In this assembly, the teacher takes on the role of an irresponsible dog owner to provoke discussion from pupils. After watching the animation it is hoped that the pupils will be able to help the teacher to identify how they might change their behaviour to become more responsible in their use of moorland.


Diamond Ranking

A group activity requiring pupils to place in order of importance statements about dogs using moorland.

Resource - Statements for 'Diamond Ranking'

Dog Biography

A note taking activity using information about characters from the animation.

Resource - 'Dog Biography' Resource Sheet

Resource - 'Dog Information' Sheet

Effects Diagram

A group activity investigating how a chain of events may be triggered from an individual action.

Hot Seating

A speaking and listening activity placing pupils in the roles of characters from the animation.

In Their Shoes

A role play activity to help pupils understand the differing points of view of different moor land users.

Resource - 'In Their Shoes' resource cards

Ingredients for a Perfect Moorland

A descriptive writing activity enabling a range of forms of word play.

Resource - Moorland Photograph

Play Writing

An activity to get pupils to write their own plays based on the animation.

Further Ideas

Further Ideas

Why not expand this topic further?

Resource - Lost Dog Poster

Resource - Responsible Behaviour Poster